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    Cowhide for furniture and upholstery

    Welcome to the world of Leather: Cowhide and other Skins

    The cowhide leather and the leather of all the animals in general are unique products of its kind, since ancient times man has used leather of all types of hunted or bred animals for various uses, and then as now leather is an extremely versatile material with characteristics that can be adapted to many different contexts: you can make bags, wallets, small leather goods, clothing, belts, books and bindings or use it for furniture. This category collects all the products on sale on, excluding scraps and remnants, not divided for specified possible use, because the skin is just so versatile that it is difficult to define a clear boundary between what can be achieved and the type of leather available. Our products represent the best that the made in Italy has to offer in the leather industry both in chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. If you do not find the product that's right for you or you want a suggestion or further information, do not esitate to contact us.