Upholstery Leather Hides & Leather For Furniture

Leather for upholstery, furniture and coverings of the best Italian quality. Upholstery leather hides are generally big, soft and perfect for creating chairs, tables, puffs, sofa, carpet, armchairs, furniture, automotive interiors and they are also suitable for other purposes such as shoes and bags making.

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Upholstery Leather

Upholstery Leather Hides for Car Interiors and Sofas

Let's face it, a sofa or a car with leather interiors has another appeal. So, if you are thinking about changing or renovating the interior of your car or if you are considering leather upholstery to repair your old sofa, taking into account leather as the base material is a necessary step, both for aesthetic and practicality reasons. Moreover, leather for upholstery also has very specific characteristics: does not fade, it is completely or partially water-repellent, it is very beautiful to look at, it is breathable and above all it is more resistant than other fabrics. Considering all the features listed above this leather material for upholstery is a step higher than all the others such as Alcantara, various fabrics, PU leather, etc.

Why use leather material for upholstery?

When buying leather for upholstery the great advantage offered by this material lies in its large size, its quality and its versatility: the extra-large hides, in fact, allows you to give free rein to the imagination, making the living room, kitchen or any other area of ​​the house truly unique. For this reason, no proposal proves to be excessive or not suitable for different contexts: if in a traditional style house, it will be possible to use black or white leather for furniture, in a modern ambient nothing will be more suitable than a skin with a particular or eccentric color and texture, maybe to be placed on a wall or on a sofa to give a touch of originality to the living room.

Italian Leather Hides for Upholstery: Online Sale

The best and most suitable upholstery leather for sale is without any doubt the cow or the bull whole hide in its entirety and original shape: these big hides, in fact, in addition to a generous dimension (they can exceed six square meters) that allow an optimal yield in the cut, are usually very soft and specially treated for use in furniture, upholstery or in the automotive industry. Our online catalog offers you a wide selection of upholstery leather for cars interiors, for sofas, chairs, poufs, furniture and walls, as well as those suitable for aircraft and boats. Not all the skins for coverings must necessarily be whole cow hides or bulls’ hides, you can also use different sizes, shapes or animals such as the half calfskin, in case the project to be implemented is smaller. What is certain is that the leather for furniture that we sell is of the best Italian quality, for the rest, let’s give free rein to your imagination!

Where to buy upholstery leather?

The upholstery leather is not always easy to find: going to an upholsterer, you often face exorbitant prices, which can range from € 50 up to € 80 per square meter. Then contacting the factory that made the sofa or the car manufacturer that covered the car we can run into even more exorbitant prices that exceed € 100 per square meter. The solution could therefore be that of directly addressing a manufacturer who almost never takes into consideration the requests of small craftsmen, hobbyists or retailers. Buyleatheronline is the solution if you need to buy leather upholstery or leather for furniture! On our website you will find, at wholesale prices, all types of leather for furniture without minimum order quantity and sold at very affordable prices ranging from about € 28 up to € 40 per square meter for the most valuable types. 

The biggest upholstery leather hides supplier

Buyleatheronline is today one of the main upholstery leather hides suppliers of the web, with tons of choices and a "Made in Italy" quality. We are sure you will find in our catalog the right leather for car seat repair, the leather for upholstery repair or the cheapest solution to reupholster your leather sofa! Finally, in case you don't know which type of leather is more suitable for your needs, you can always contact our support team who will be happy to help and give you advice.

Advantages of buying upholstery leather online

Buying leather for furniture and upholstery online means benefiting from various advantages: the first is to broaden the search so as to display the greatest number of results and alternatives, screening out the useless ones; the second is to pay a wholesale price, significantly lower than the upholsterer's, as you will be purchasing directly from the manufacturer; the third is to have the certainty of obtaining a quality leather material. Furthermore, in our catalog you can filter leather based on color, type of leather and tanning, tempering, finishing and based on size or thickness. You can also take advantage of promotions on leather sold at discounted prices and, for each type of product on the site, view the reference sheet to obtain detailed and exhaustive information on the item of interest. Finally, it is possible at any time to view the list of reviews written by those who have already purchased the item to have an even clearer overall idea of the product.