Leather For Bags, Wallets and Craft

In this category you will find the most suitable leather for production of bags or purses, totes, suitcase, wallets, book bindings, covers, lining and small or big leather goods in general. This type of leather is characterized by personality and variety of finishes. Buy online the leather for your bag, suitcase or wallet.

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leather for bags, wallets and craft

Leather for Bags and Wallets: Which one to choose?

The designer or craftsman who has to give life to his creations knows that without the ideal raw material, the result will be unsatisfactory. For this reason, we have chosen to include in our showcase a category dedicated to craftsmanship and leather for bags and wallets that contained the ideal leathers to make leather goods of big, medium or small size. All the leathers that you will find on sale here are carefully selected and suitable for the creation of wallets, bags, key-chains, briefcases, bindings, cell phone covers suitable for both him and her. It is up to you to choose the most appropriate color, type or print for the project you have in mind. When crafting a bag or a wallet, there are two things to keep in mind: the thickness and the printing. As regards the leather for bags the thickness to look for is usually higher because the object is bigger and sometimes you have to self-support, so it goes from 1mm up to 2mm (for the chrome tanned leather); obviously there are also models made of lamb hides and sheep skins with a thickness of around 0.8mm. As regards the best leather for wallets, instead, a lower thickness is preferred, and usually does not exceed 1.4mm, even if any edging must be hand-peeled or done with special machinery. Finally, with regard to prints, it is suggested to prefer large textures for medium-large leather goods items, and smaller prints for small objects.

Craft Leather: What is it and Where to find?

Crafting leather is the process that consist in the transformation of a raw leather material in a useful object. Craft leather hides for leather goods and handicrafts can range from lizard embossed leather to top quality sheepskin leather hides, from “hair-on” skins to goatskin with a reptile print. The leather hides for craft included in this category, are ideal for those who want to create a collection of accessories that has nothing to envy to the most famous creations of international catwalks. You could also take into consideration the laminated or animalier leather, ideal for those who are thinking of creating a futuristic collection suitable for the most curious fashion lovers. Do you really want to dare? Tip on the long-haired sheepskin for a vintage touch. As always, we offer you the highest quality materials, strictly Made in Italy, used by the most famous Luxury Brands, suitable for those who want to give free rein to their imagination without any fear. Instead, if you are looking for traditional and less "transgressive" materials, which give an artisanal and natural look to your creation, you can orient yourself on veg tan leather for craft that would allow you, depending on whether it is completely finished or not, also to customize, engrave and color your final product.

Leather Binding: which skin fits best?

Leather for book binding, covers, diaries and notebooks, can be ready-to-use or customizable; to be able to engrave and color them you need a specific customizable leather for binding that you will find in this category filtering for vegetable tanned leather. Usually to make a bag or a briefcase a more solid leather is used, about 1.5-2.2mm (depending on the model), while for bindings it usually ranges from 0.8mm up to 1.5mm. If you see in the data sheet that the finishing is in "crust" then you can customize it, otherwise the leather arrives already finished and ready for use.

Leather Craft Suppliers and Wholesale

It often happens that when you search the web for a “leather craft shop near me” you do not have any useful result. Thanks to the internet technology, it is today possible to find leather craft suppliers online without the need for special skills or technical knowledge; the search on our site is simple and intuitive and allows you to choose from thousands of leather hides and skins for bags online. In a very short time you will receive at home leather craft supplies to give free rein to your imagination at wholesaler prices with no minimum order quantity. Are you undecided? No problem, write to us and we will be happy to give you a valuable advice.