Out Sole Leather

Sole leather is thicker and strongest material existing in the tanning industry and it's used for making the out soles of boots and shoes and for other purposes. This Italian vegetable tanned leather is intended for high-quality shoes as well as for shoe repairing.

Leather for Outsole

Out-sole leather hides: Main Features

Leather for out-sole consist of a veg tan hide tanned in a special way that make it the hardest leather kind existing. If you are thinking of repairing your shoes soles, create sandals, or you just want to try in practice the tooling and engravings here you will find the leather for you. Give free rein to the imagination with a rigid leather! This leather is characterized by an extremely rigid substance, it is tanned according to the best Italian tradition through immersion in the special tanks where it absorbs the tannins. This process, which can last up to two weeks, allows the skin to take on the unique features and inimitable characteristics of the leather tanned for the out-sole. The soles made with this type of skin will be comfortable and of the highest quality; you can also use this leather to create leather floors, beds, nice items like engraved key chains, labels and anything else you fancy suggests. The leather used to make the sole leather is usually the butt or bends, but there are also out-sole leathers realized with bellies and shoulders. The thicknesses are generally generous in order to ensure maximum comfort to the foot.