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Garment leather is the most suitable leather material to create clothing. In this category you will find the best selection of Italian leather for garment characterized by high quality finishes and low thicknesses which ensure lightness and comfort. These skins are suitable for creating gloves, jackets, blazers, coats and many other garment items.

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garment leather

Garment leather and leather for clothing: Main Features

Garment leather and leather for clothing is always a particular material, in fact, the leather must be tanned properly in order to make garments that can be used like a fabric. Consequently, fine thicknesses and skins of sheep or goat origin are usually used, such as sheepskin, lamb, chamois, sheep and so on, but there are also cases in which a different type of leather can be used, such as those of bovine or exotic origin, especially if you want to make more particular or heavy items of clothing, such as bicker jackets. In all cases, garment leathers are therefore generally soft and lightweight with aniline, semi-aniline or suede finishes. Making a leather cloth is certainly not easy but buying a leather for garment of good quality and workmanship is the first step to give optimal results to the finished product. Even finding the leather you want is not always easy, you need a wide choice of types, shades and types of leather. On it is possible to find leather for clothing and garment for online sale: the well-stocked warehouse ensures the availability of leather of every type and color suitable for the production of leather clothing such as jackets, vests, skirts, gloves, outerwear and trousers to be made with our leathers. In addition our website offers a catalog where it is possible to apply filters in order to satisfy every type of request for color, type of tanning, type of leather, thickness, tempering, finishing and size of the skin.