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Leather for Belt & Saddlery

This kind of leather for belt, harness and saddlery is usually more rigid, thickened and square shaped so it can be cut without waste. Buy Online the leather for your next belt or saddle.

Leather for Belt & Saddlery  There are 85 products.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 85 items
Belts and saddlery Leather

Belts and saddlery

Choosing to dedicate yourself to stitching belts or saddles is by no means an easy thing: these types of work need a keen eye, a steady hand and years of experience. After all, any artisan knows well how the smallest items can become the most precious thing, and this is why only first-rate raw materials have to be chosen. In our display dedicated to hides and leathers for belts and saddlery, you can find a wide choice of products suitable to satisfy any request. Our range includes alligator skin, classic and perfect for any situation, but also aniline mixed half calf and vegetable tanned double butts, perfect for bigger creations. Deerskin, either in natural brown or colored, concludes the range, together with vegetable tanned calfskin and eel skin panels, to satisfy any kind of artisan’s requests and help him to find only the best hides.