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Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable Tanned Leather Hides of all kinds for enthusiasts, artisans and companies. Whether yours is simply an hobby or a job, here you will find the skin that's right for you. This is 100% Italian veg tan leather, without crome and other harmful substances.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 42 items

Vegetable tanned leather

Eco-Friendly Veg Tan and Vegetable Tanned Hides

Vegetable Tanned (or Veg Tan) hides and skins belong to the category of the eco-friendly leather: this type of tanning ensures a minimum environmental impact and the guarantee that it does not contain substances harmful to humans, such as chromium that can create allergies if in contact with our skin. In addition, the vegetable tanning hides are the ones that best lend themselves to customizations and handmade finishing of all kinds.

What is the Veg Tan leather?

When the ancient man found himself in need of protection from the elements and external agents, he could only rely on what nature could offer him. The animals as well as being the main source of food became immediately appreciated and used for their skin, which offered protection and shelter. Primitive men will notice, however, that the skin deteriorated quickly and that is why it was necessary to find a way to preserve it. Not having complex chemical products available today, he had to rely only on natural substances or sun-drying. With the refinement of the techniques, in Tuscany, in the period of the Etruscans, vegetable tanning was born, that represented the first complex technique of tanning made only with natural substances. We are therefore proud today to be able to count on this type of processing, refined and perfected over the centuries, which offers unique and inimitable benefits and characteristics.

Vegetable Tanned Leather for Sale

In the BuyLeatherOnline shop you will find a wide range of vegetable tanned leather, which is a classic artisanal production technique that mixes traditions and technological innovation. From this combination derives a fine and totally natural and ecological leather, used for tooling, engraving, carving and to create footwear, leather goods, garments and home furniture of all kinds. On our website you will have the possibility to choose between natural crust leather, ready to be used or dyed by hand or fully finished veg tan hides coming from calfskin, bulls, ox or cows perfect for creating men or women’s bags, tool-holders, belts, saddlery and suitcases. Vegetable tanned calfskin sides are perfect to create wallets, bags, and shoes, instead the bulls and cows are suitable to create belts and saddlery. Finally, the out-sole bends are the best companion for classical shoe or boots making: elegant or sporty footwear for him and for her. Women and men’s accessories like wallets, bags, suitcases, belts, and saddles can be easily customized thanks to this kind of tanning process that doesn’t put limits on the use of imagination by the craftsman, lending itself perfectly to dyeing and hand-engraving techniques.