Leather Scraps, Pieces & Remnants

Leather scraps, leather remnants, offcuts and pieces of leather for sale, both on small and big size, ideal for small and medium sized leather craft projects of various kinds. Colors can be mixed or selectable and qualities are divided according to the kind of item. These remnants and scraps come from the best Italian tanneries and luxury leather goods factories.

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leather scraps and remnants

What are the Leather Scraps and Remnants of Leather?

The remnants, scraps or pieces of leather, with whatever name they are called, are mainly leftovers of leather coming from leather goods factories or tanneries, in the most varied shapes, types and sizes. Just as the laws of thermodynamics teach us that efficiency is always less than or equal to one, we can deduce that even in the majority of production processes, such as those involving the use of leather, there are always waste or residues: the scraps you will find in this category are born from this concept. In fact, it may happen that a company producing leather goods does not need all the material it had budgeted for or that during the cutting phase it is unable to exploit all the useful parts of the leather hide. Our company works in collaboration with the biggest names and fashion brands to recover, select and give new life to what are scraps and scraps of leather in a circular economy perspective.

Leather pieces and scraps for craft

What can be done with the leather remnants, pieces and scraps? Virtually everything. Often you do not need to buy an entire skin, sometimes it takes very little to make creative and useful objects: take for example earrings, a key ring, a bracelet, a necklace or watch straps. Even the bags or wallets can be made with our leather pieces by choosing those that in the technical data sheet or in the description that report larger dimensions. Unleash your imagination by using leather pieces and scraps for many craft projects!

Why is it important to use leather remnants?

There are several reasons to choose these leather pieces for craft as a starting material for your creations, but we can list two main ones. The first is that using leather for your craft projects is often the ideal solution but the cost of such a material is not always affordable for everyone, the second is that using  leather scraps allows you to help the environment by lowering the impact on it thanks to the reduction of industrial waste. This waste, if it derives from a chrome tanning, usually ends up in incinerators or in landfills and that is why with our commitment in the selection and separation of these pieces we set the goal to minimize this residue while offering quality products.

Cowhide scraps, leather remnants and pieces for sale

On our website Buyleatheronline we offer a rich category dedicated to leather scraps, remnants and leather offcuts for sale: the pieces are of various sizes and divided according to the finish and animal (cowhide scraps and calf, lamb or goat scraps) and can be used for various applications. The winning card is the affordable price, buying only the leather you need, you avoid waste and pay only what you are interested in. For the realization of key rings, for example, very small measures are required, in this way you do not have to buy the whole leather. Finally, you can create the same object with different characteristics, colors, tanning or different textures to give more choices and possibilities to satisfy more tastes.