Printed Leather

Printed leather hides are skins characterized by a design or a texture on the surface. Printed leather can be of many kinds with different patterns, textures or designs that usually leave intact or enhances the natural grain of the skins. This kind of leather is suitable for craft, leather goods, bags, wallets, shoes, and many other items.

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printed leather

Printed Leather: What is and how is it produced?

Printed leather consists of a leather whose surface has been imprinted or colored with some design or texture. As it is well known, leather is a very ductile material, it is used in many fields and it is suitable for the most different uses, so much so that after millennia, the man has not yet found a replacement material for the tanned leather. Often the leather hides are used in their natural way, as they born, or they can be colored and finished; but there is a type of processing where the surface of the leather undergoes a very special treatment: the “printing” (and/or “embossing”). Thanks to special machines, called "presses" (which can even cost hundreds of thousands of euros), and to specific plates together with the heat it is possible to impress on the leather particular effects that arise from the imagination of fashion designers, tanneries or from artisans; the final result is always a printed leather.

Therefore, printing the leather does not mean, as someone might initially think, giving a color to the surface, but rather giving a design or texture to the leather that thanks to the heat and pressure remain unaltered over time and with the use. The texture can be imprinted on a natural skin or on an already colored skin, and depending on the adjustments of the machinery, it is also possible to obtain shades and variations of colors.

At this point it is natural to wonder where do the various fantasies that we find on the printed leather hides come from (flowers, stripes, geometric shapes, etc.) and what production process are they obtained from. For simplicity, on our website Buyleatheronline we have grouped all the skins of this type into a single category ("Printed Leather"), but the processes that allow drawing on the hides are many, among the most common we find the silk screen and laser printing.

Main Uses of Printed Leather Hides

The printed leather hides are today widely used in leather goods production such as bags, wallets, covers, sofas, belts, and many more. The printed leather has the characteristic of keeping the natural top grain of the skin and at the same time enhancing and characterizing it through printing or embossing. A classic example of printed leather is called "Dollar" (commonly called "Madras"), but other types such as reptiles or drawings (flowers, wefts, squares, stripes and stripes) are also common. Often, behind this production process there are also reasons of economic nature: leather is a very expensive material and when it is produced, different qualities and choices are obtained; to avoid wasting on the lower choices, the printing process is used in order to enhance these lower grade hides and skins: thanks to this process, in fact, many defects are completely masked. Another economic motivation concerns, for example, reptile print leather: the real one is very expensive, whereas the reptile type print has more accessible prices. The techniques used for printing are increasingly advanced and allow all types of buyers to have fashionable accessories without spilling crocodile tears.

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On our online leather hides store "Buyleatheronline", you will find the best printed leather supplier: a wide selection is always available and the catalog constantly updated according to the trends in the sector, offering you, small private customer, the best wholesaler prices. The category we have dedicated to the printed leather, includes both leathers coming from the latest fashions and luxury brands and more classic kinds. All strictly Made in Italy! Finally, in the sub-category "reptile embossed leather" you will find only hides that present textures that imitate or recall the most common reptiles, but which are mainly produced with bovine or sheep skin raw material.