Embossed Leather Hides

Embossed leather hides are very fashionable and particular skins: usually the aim of this kind of superficial finish is to imitate the skins and textures of various reptiles such as snakes, lizards, crocodiles, alligator, ostriches but you can also find embossed skins that re-create fancy designs.

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Embossed leather hides

Embossed Leather Hides: Characteristics

Embossed Leather Hides belongs to the the sub-category of "Printed Leather Hides" in general but it differs from the others because the surface that characterizes it does not come from human imagination or intelligence, but rather takes inspiration from Nature. This particular type of leather, in fact, is produced from a cowhide or a sheep skin with the intent of tracing the characteristics of real reptile and amphibian leathers, in particular has the aim to imitate their appearance. Since ancient times man has learned the importance of covering his body parts both to protect himself from dangers and from cold. Until the fabrics and yarns were invented, the only material available was the skin of the hunted animals, which could change depending on the geographical area. In the common imaginary, we usually represent prehistoric man with long-haired shearling fur but in reality, things did not go that way. The remains of the first men have been found in the African continent, we can therefore deduce that in that context man has come into contact with both mammals but also with reptiles: snakes, lizards, crocodiles, alligators and so on. Since at that time nothing was wasted and the payoff of the hunt were to be used at 100%, even the skins of these reptiles had to be used and depending on the dangerousness of the hunted animal they represented a hunting trophy and a reason for pride. Today, as we know, things are different and this type of leather is part of a world based on consumes and fashions, where everything has a price: the concept of embossed leather develops in this context.

What is Embossed Leather? Difference with Genuine Leather

First, we want to dispel a false myth: Embossed Leather is real leather, it is not faux or synthetic. The "Reptile Embossed Leather" is often simply called "Printed Leather". As we have explained several times, the difference between printed leather and embossed one is not so marked, so we will use the two terms in an indistinct way. The distinction to be made is rather between bovine or sheep printed skins and the (Real) Genuine Exotic Leather Hides (ostriches, caimans, crocodiles, monitor lizards, etc..): the former has low costs and it is an "imitation" of the latter that often has prohibitive prices, a more natural look and it is used to produce leather goods for the Super Premium and Ultra High End ranges (as the pyramid model of luxury brands teaches us).

Lizard Embossed Leather

The Lizard Embossed Leather, as the name suggests, wants to imitate the genuine lizard skin: it is therefore characterized by the presence of scales of various dimensions with a horny nature. The color of this skin in nature ranges from grey, to green, to brown and may have spots, stripes and shades of color. The colors of the lizard embossed leather, instead, may vary, as well as the patterns that are applied according to the fashions and the seasonality.

Crocodile Embossed Leather

The Crocodile Embossed Leather derives from crocodiles that are part of the reptilian order and are among the oldest animals on Earth, so much so that they are called the "living fossils". Their coating is formed by a very robust skin characterized by a thick horny layer that forms scales (or plates) of various structures and sizes. The dorsal plates are large and protruding and are usually not used to produce leather goods, while the lower parts of the body are covered with smooth, square or rectangular plates that are commonly used to produce luxury clothing and leather goods (such as belts, bags, wallets and so on). The crocodile embossed leather, is produced from cowhide and sheepskins and cleverly imitates the characteristics of genuine crocodile leather but brings with it two important advantages: the price (much lower than genuine skins) and the size (larger and squared which leads to less waste during production of goods).

Snake Embossed Leather

The Snake Embossed Leather Hides have the purpose of reproducing the real skin of some of the most known reptiles. It presents a texture that makes it appear covered with scales with geometric patterns or solid colors on the surface. Snake printed leather is used for the production of shoes, bags and accessories. It is a very sought-after type of leather, like crocodiles. Among the most appreciated skins there is certainly the python printing, but since it comes from calf or sheep, it is not genuine exotic leather and there is no need for any certificate and prices are much lower.

Embossed Leather Hides Suppliers & Wholesale

The purchase of Embossed Leather can be performed in two ways: as wholesale or as retail. We are Suppliers of Embossed Leather Hides both for those who need small quantities and for larger companies. Retail customers will find on our website a wide range of printed skins always updated following the latest fashion trends with no minimum order quantity. If you are looking for an Embossed Leather Hides Wholesale, in our warehouse we have a greater choice of colors and types with weekly arrivals of new products. If you are interested in quotations for larger quantities or custom production, we invite you to visit us or to contact us by email.

Embossed Leather for Sale and Where to Buy Online

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