Pigmented Leather

The surface of the pigmanted leather is characterized by a finishing containing fine particles of pigment in suspension. Features: opaque color, excellent light fastness, resistance to liquids, stains and scratches, good coverage of defects and easy maintenance.

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Pigmented leather

Pigmented leather. Maybe you like leather, because it’s beautiful and enhance every item it covers, but you fear it’s too delicate for a house full of children. The solution is pigmented leather, which has very interesting features. To make it, expert tanners apply a thin coat of pigment, hence the name. In this way, the leather can change color to any other we may prefer, and can also become more resistant to light and fade less easily than other materials. Furthermore, it will repel liquids, scratches and stains thanks to its strength. These features makes it perfect in any situation where the leather is fully exploited. It can be used to upholster items where children live or where there are many possible issues.