Laminated (Metallic) Leather

Laminated Finishing covers the surface of the leather with a thin metal film which gives to the product a shiny appearance.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items
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Laminated leather

Laminated leather. The production of leather is very complicated and after the various transformation processes it can result in a wide range of products. Laminated leather is particularly interesting. To obtain this type of treatment, many fine metal wraps are applied to the hide, to make it shiny since it assumes the classic brilliance of metal. This type of processing can be applied to any kind of hide, for example printed laminated leather is very interesting. Moreover the colors, which can be gold, silver and other metallic shades referring to the metal covering, can enhance the leather itself. It’s perfect for wallets, bags, but also footwear, since the coating can brighten any item. Lovers of this style will agree that wearing a laminated leather accessory makes your look trendy and interesting.