Metallic Leather & Laminated Leather

Metallic leather or laminated leathers are characterized by a finishing that covers the surface of the leather with a thin metal film which gives to the product a shiny appearance.

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laminated metallic leather

What is Metallic Leather?

By metallic leather is meant a leather finished through special metallic pigments that give it an effect similar to the bodywork of a car with "metallic paint".

What is Laminated Leather?

The laminated leathers are distinguished from the more simply metallic leathers, because a very thin entirely metallic sheet of the most varied colors is applied on them.

How is laminated leather produced?

Laminated leather is produced by applying a thin sheet of metal on a semi-finished bovine or ovine leather both full-grain and sanded grain leather. The operation is usually done with a plate pressing machine. Before being subjected to processing, as anticipated, these hides are in the "crust" condition, that is, unfinished and to facilitate the lamination process they can also be sanded beforehand through the use of abrasive papers (as is the case of Nubuck). Subsequently an adhesive substance is applied, which reacts with the heat of the pressing firmly binding the metal foil with the leather. As far as the composition of the foil is concerned, it is mostly made up of colored aluminium in different shades, the most commons are gold, bronze, brass and silver.

How is metallic leather produced?

Leather with a metallic effect can be obtained with a spray finish (with machinery called precisely "spraying machines"); the metallic pigments are generally applied in the final fixing stages, then a normal flat or roller ironing is carried out.

There is also a second way of producing metallic leather and consists of applying a thin layer of metallic pigments placed on a thin plastic film. The plastic roll coated with these metallic pigments unrolls on stamping and ironing rollers specially heated at controlled temperatures. The hides are placed in the ironing machine simultaneously with the sliding of the roller. The heat releases only this metal part on the skin, while the rest of the entire plastic film is rewound onto another roll at the exit. In this case, before undergoing the process just described, the leather is already partially finished and the veil applied has only the function of final refinement.

Where to buy laminated or metallic leather?

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