Nubuck Leather

Nubuck Finishing is characterized by a suede finishing on the grain side of leather, it has a velvety surface, very soft, warm and natural.

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Nubuck leather

Between the many kind of leather sold here, you can find the top notch Nubuck leather, which is obtained with soft cattle leather and is velvety to the touch. It’s mainly used to create bags and various leather goods, garments, sporty and stylish footwear, accessories like belts and saddles, and also furniture and upholstery, such as sofa, armchairs, car seats, etc. Nubuck is obtained with calfskin which undergoes various processes like chrome tanning, grinding of the grain side (that is the finer side of the skin) and brushing, to get a velvety texture to the eye and to the touch. In our website a wide range of fine Nubuck leather is available, in many colors and shades, to create everything you need: furniture for your home, leather goods or saddles, and casual and trekking shoes.