Suede Leather Hides and Velour Leather

Suede leather hides are also known as "velour leathers" are a particular kind of leather material because they are obtained by working the lass noble part of the animal hide. Suede, in fact, is a type of finishing of the lower layer of leather (split) which through a sanding process allows to obtain a velvety, very soft, warm and natural surface.

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suede leather hides

Characteristics of Suede Leather Hides and Velour Leather

Suede leather hide, also called velour leather, is a suede leather material which main side is the flesh side and which surface has been sanded, it can be produced on split or grain leather material. This is a kind of leather can be misleading mainly because of its name: in fact, many people think that suede leather hides belong to the chamois animal, perhaps because of its assonance with the name of the animal, but it is not like that. This type of product is obtained, in fact, by performing some specific treatments on some types of skins, generally veal (or calfskin), and using the butt of the animal (the lower half starting from the centre of the whole skin).

What is Suede Leather and how is it produced?

When the raw hides come out of the slaughterhouse, to be stored, they are sprinkled with salt and this causes the decomposition process to slow down enormously. Once in tannery the whole skins are usually cut, still under salt, in order to obtain the various parts: shoulders, bellies, front portions, breeches and bends. This last part, the double butt, is the starting point of the leather suede skins. Subsequently, the aforementioned parts, now separate, undergo a series of processes based on the product that will be made, but the bend in particular represents the thickest point of the animal's dermis and that is why it can be "split", i.e. divided into two layers: the superficial one of the grain and the inner one of the split. It is precisely the inner part of the split of the butt that gives rise to the suede leather (object of our explanation), which in the steps following the splitting will undergo a series of processes and finally a particular grinding in order to obtain extremely soft and velvety surfaces. In the past the usage of the suede was very limited: generally, the suede leather hides were mainly used for women's gloves or cheap products. Today, however, every single centimeter of the animal is enhanced to the maximum and, thanks to technological advances and research, it is possible to perform surprising transformations.

Suede Leather Hides for sale

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