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Suede or Velour Finishing: it is a type of finishing of  the bottom layer of the leather (split) that results in a velvety surface, very soft, warm and natural.

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Suede leather

Suede leather. It’s a type of leather obtained treating a few kind of skins, mainly calf, in a particular way. The first layer of the skin, called grain, is removed and it’s sanded in a way that makes it very soft and velvety. Once upon a time the production of suede leather was minimal, mostly it was just used to make women’s gloves. Recently, however, it had a fresh start and it’s used to do wonderful things. In the first place, it fits very well and it’s an ideal fabric to make light jackets, shoes, shirts and bags. You can also find furniture made with suede leather. On, our range of suede leathers will make you fall in love with this material.