Dry Milled and Tumbled Leather

Dry milled or simply milled leather is a skin characterized by an uneven and tumbled surface (also called natural pebble look or tumbled leather). To produce it, in fact, the leather is placed in drums which, through heat and movement, give it a wrinkled and lived-in appearance.

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dry milled tumbled leather

Dry-Milled and Tumbled leather: main features

Dry-milled leather (or simply milled leather) also called "tumbled leather" is a wrinkled-looking leather that has a natural and irregular pebble grain. The term "dry-milled" is not heard very often, in fact it is a purely technical term and refers to a particular finishing of the leather which therefore indicates the production process necessary to obtain this particular type of surface also known as "drummed" or "tumbled". The processing of the milled leather leather consists in inserting the hides in drums which, through movement and heat, give the leather a worn and wrinkled appearance, giving it a particular and different grain from usual. This type of processing can be performed on a large variety of leathers, such as bovine, sheep, deer and so on. Depending on the leather item or item of clothing you intend to create, you will choose the type of leather, the type of color and finally the thickness you need. With this type of processing it is possible to create numerous objects and accessories that will have the peculiarity of the always different and always natural texture as an added value.