Pull Up Leather

The Pull Up leather is a special kind of leather with a fashion effect that lightens the surface when pulled or bent.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Buy pull-up leather (waxy or oily pull-up)

Pull-up leather (waxy or oily pull-up)

As they say, it takes all kinds and this also applies to the world of fashion: side by side with those who love a traditional style and who would never do without vintage items, there are those who prefer innovation. To meet the demands of both categories, we want to offer a very unique leather, meant for allowing any designer to create high quality accessories. It’s the pull-up leather, also known as waxy or oily pull-up, which lightens in color when stretched or bent. The main benefit offered by this fabric is in its capacity of lightening, after being processed. The result is a very original effect that can brighten any accessories without effort. Imagine you have to create your first wallet collection or that you have to launch a new range of belts: whether it’s for men or for women, for younger or older people, your success is guaranteed. It’s a high quality leather perfect for professionals.