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In this category you will find the best leather suitable for carving and tooling. The leather tooling is a very common practice, it is an hobby that continues to rise and which gathers fans from all around the world. Unleash your imagination!

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Tooling & Carving Leather

Engraving, Tooling & Carving Leather for Sale

In a consumerist world where people can have all the products they want, fantasy and human inspiration remains the only variable that can make the difference. Whether it is a small key ring or a bag, a product engraved and made with vegetable tanning becomes a unique and special gift. Once tanned, the leather can last a lifetime, a life spent next to an object that tell to others about your personal story, your experiences and your leather craft. The animal skins are a very versatile material, this is why they lend themselves to an infinite variety of customizations among which we can include the processes of tooling, carving and engraving. The leather tooling requires a type of leather that is usually vegetable tanned, which lends itself to be easily carved, that consist in taking and keeping certain traits once a pointed object is passed over the skin with strength or a tool has engraved with a certain amount of pressure a drawing.

How to obtain good results in Leather Carving?

The practice of the tooling leather is much easier than you might think and the results can give great satisfaction. All you need are some basic tools: a vegetable tanned leather, a sponge with a little of water and tools to engrave that are available at very low prices. For instance, you might want to create a simple leather purse, a wallet, a belt or a keychain, and as subsequent step, create a fancy pattern on the surface; the result will amaze you, guaranteeing enormous satisfaction! With this leather working technique you can customize the leather, getting unique and inimitable leather objects: think to a wallet given as a birthday gift engraved and customized by you, it will be something unique, and most importantly you will have fun doing this!

Difference between leather engraving and embossing

The engraving of the leather differs from the normal embossing mainly for the procedure: the first requires appropriate practice, skills and instruments that once mastered can offer big satisfactions, the second is performed through machines (called presses) that engrave a predetermined pattern on the skin through heat and pressure. The secret of the leather carving is therefore in practice, perhaps done first on cheaper hides and scraps and only later on skins of greater value maybe integrated leather dye.

How to Engrave, tool or carve a leather hide?

The starting leather material is usually a semi-finished full grain hide, called “crust leather”, whose surface is still in the natural stage and ready to be engraved. The skin must then first be moistened, so the fibres become available for tooling, finally, using different techniques, many patterns and texture can be carved over the grain side. A note on the leather tools: there is no need to spend large amounts of money, it is enough to have a swivel knife, a tool for backgrounds and a hammer of some sort. A note on drawings: be creative, take a cue from google or Pinterest, people tend to always draw leaves and flowers.

Where can I buy leather for tooling and Carving?

On BuyLeatherOnline you will find plenty of leather tools and hides suitable for this kind of leather working: from the cheapest “vacchetta” bellies to the full grain European bull double butts. Are you planning to create a journal or a diary engraved cover? Our suggestion would drive you towards a thin leather like the calfskin, otherwise, if you are looking for thick leather for sale to create a nice belt, the shoulder or the double bends on a thickness greater of 3mm would work best for you. A note on the leather hardware: the vegetable tanned leather is the best for tooling because the skin fibres, with this type of tanning, are more open compared to the chrome one; this means that if you moisten the leather hide or you want to with water it absorbs it and becomes suitable for carving and engraving. As final suggestion, the thick leather would work best than thin one because it has more substance to absorb better any kind of pressure and design.