Split Leather: Cow and Calf

Split leather is the bottom layer of the animal dermis and it is obtained by splitting the top grain leather. In this category you will find a selection of the best Italian split leather, chrome or vegetable tanned, from cow, calf and sheep; suitable for the production of shoes, bags, clothing and much more.

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split leather

What is Split Leather?

Split leather is a material that is obtained from the split of a more massive skin and that does not have the grain part. This type of leather is therefore less valuable than a grain leather and has limits in its uses, but at the same time it also has a more advantageous price and features that can be exploited.

Split leather Vs Grain leather

Each skin has in its section two parts from which two products are obtained and therefore two possibilities of use. The part that is on the external surface of the dermis is the most valuable part and is called "grain"; the innermost part, obtained by splitting the leather, on the other hand, is called "split leather" and is still very well usable.

Split leather of sheepskin and goatskin

These leathers are very suitable to get the so-called "suede" or "velour" effect: to obtain maximum softness and the best effect for a garment, the top grain is commonly removed, from which it derives the so-called "skiver", and the main part become the internal side without the grain. Both goat and sheep skins (rams and lambs) and the various crossed breeds (like hair-sheep) give excellent results for suede making.

Cowhide split

Cowhides usually have a high thickness and here, while safeguarding the grain side, the cow split leather retains an important value especially in the part of the rump or butt (the shoulder and the bellies instead have a pure recovery value). The final uses of a cowhide split are mainly for the production of that kind of leather called "split suede leather" or more improperly "velour". The tanning process used enhances the natural characteristics this split leather, as well as it happens for the “chamois” garment sheepskins.

Possible uses of split leather

In addition to the suede or velour effect we mentioned above, there are other types of processing for a cowhide split. These skins have a more closed and less elastic fibers because of this they are mostly used for footwear and bags and much less for clothing, where sheepskins and goatskins are more suitable. Other possible uses of the split leather hides foresee the reconstruction of an imitation of the top grain leather through pigments or by applying a more or less thick veil of various plastic polymers. There are various names for these leather materials, the most used is "bi-cast". What matters is that these hides can still be called "real leather", precisely because the main part is made up of genuine leather.

Vegetable tanned split leather

With the word "leather" is generally meant any type of worked leather. Wanting to narrow the field, in the case of vegetable tanned leather we refer to a skin tanned only with natural vegetable substances used especially in the production of belts, saddlery, bridles, collars, sole and insole. Vegetable split leather therefore means a material produced with a vegetable tanning, resulting from the splitting of a tanned leather in its entirety. Unlike the chrome-tanned split leather, the vegetable one is much more fragile and dry and sees its use usually limited to linings, dividers and fills of leather objects.

Calf split leather

Calf split leathers are generally considered the most valuable, both for their silky touch and for the particular softness of the texture so fine as to make them suitable for high quality shoes and bags. Their limit is given by the low thickness they can reach, because this material is produced starting from a non-adult animal and obviously the coat is lighter.

Split leather hides for sale

If you are looking for a split leather supplier you are in the right place. In our online catalog you will find a wide choice of split leather for sale; all our skins are produced in Italy by the best tanneries and are available for immediate delivery. If you do not find the type or the color you are looking for, you can contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.