Distressed Leather Hides & Vintage Material

Distressed leather hides or antique and vintage leather material are a special kind of leather with an "Old-Style" fashion effect. The distressed leather is designed to look aged or worn maintaining the original strength of the hide. The lived, damaged or broken appearance is very appealing to those who wants create leather craft objects with a vintage or rustic look material.

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distressed leather hides

Distressed Leather Hides: Main Features

Distressed Leather Hides, as the name suggests, are skins that are wrinkled, aged, almost worn and often with an antique look. These particular effects that could in the past characterize creations of lower quality, nowadays, in a world of rediscovery of the rustic taste, craftsmanship and traditions, are very appreciate and this type of leather material is very sought after also in the fashion industry.

Vintage Leather Hides: What are they?

Vintage leather hides represent a particular type of aged leather, and are characterized by an old-fashioned, used look also called "old-style". The vintage leather material recalls fashions of the past and proposes them in a modern key, combining traditional elements with those of modern trends.

What is Distressed Leather and how is it produced?

There are different ways of obtaining these particular "lived" aspects and obviously every type of processing gives rise to different effects. The more properly distressed effect is often obtained with a hand-made equipment and aniline dyes which are applied with precise and artisanal movements and which give a particular aged effect maintaining a particularly appreciable depth of the skin. There are also machines that can give leather a "stained" and "antique" effect, but the latter technique, clearly more economical and industrial, is much less fascinating. The process to get aged or distressed leather is particularly effective on vegetable tanned hides.

Antique & Aged Leather

Aged (or Antique) leather is another particular form of distressed leather, and is mostly obtained by washing it in the washing machine, roughly the way it is done with jeans. From this process we obtain a slightly ruffled grain, which gives the impression that the skin is not stretched well. Even the dry-milling can be considered a process to get an aged leather, because thanks to this process the fibers of the leather are broken and the skin takes on a rougher look compared to the primitive smooth effect. This effect can be very invigorated with the prior application of special waxes and oils that accentuate the breaking effect, leading to substantial wrinkles and striations of interesting shades of color. The classic wrinkling is done in barrels through a particular tanning, but there are nowadays machines that fold the leather even when it is already dry and rubbing it giving the effect of a worn leather.

Worn Leather

It can even more be considered a worn leather the cracked leather, where, especially in the last decade, the grain was broken with mechanical stressing machines. This type of leather has found application in many sectors, from furniture to leather goods.

Distressed leather hides and vintage leather for sale

On our website Buyleatheronline you will find a wide range of distressed, aged, worn, vintage and antique leather hides and skins suitable for the production of leather goods such as bags, belts, wallets, watch straps and more. Our catalog is constantly updated with new colors and types of finishing developed by our research teams to meet the needs of the market and to stay up to date with the trends of fashion.