Nappa Leather Hides

Nappa leather is a kind of leather, typically aniline finished, characterized by a very soft temper and a natural surface. It is used in leather products such as garments, gloves, wallets, handbags, furniture, upholstery and shoes.

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nappa leather

Nappa leather: What is?

Nappa leather is type of leather that has undergone a particular tanning which tends to give to the leather a marked softness, delicacy and silkiness to the touch. These light weighted skins have a full and natural soft hand, the full grain nappa leather is not covered by finishing substances (for example pigments) that would otherwise make it heavier, this is why nappa leather is usually aniline finished.

Main kinds of Nappa Leather Hides

The term "nappa" was originally used only for sheepskins, such as lamb nappa leather, which is well known because it is used to create clothing. In fact, sheep are the most suitable skins for developing the characteristics of softness and in particular the lambskins have a long and famous tradition in the production of very fine gloves in the Naples area. The gloves industry is now a very limited component of the whole production and the soft nappa leather has been developed in garment, footwear, leather goods and furniture. The use of ovine and crossed-breed skins (goats and rams) of large size and that of bovine nappa leather, such as the calf nappa leather and even larger skins, like in example the whole cow nappa leather for interiors decoration, sofas and upholstery, has become increasingly widespread. In order to obtain the desired softness in bovine hides or in other animals (for example ostriches and buffaloes), less inclined to delicacy, over time it has been used a particular fattening process, succeeding in imitating most of the characteristics of the real lamb nappa leather.

Differences between Soft Leather and Nappa Leather

Considering the explanations given above, it must be noted that over time two of the main features that distinguished the real nappa were in part lost: the uncovered grain without "tricks" and the naturalness. In fact, to limit production costs, they are often used skins with grain defects that are covered thanks to the heavy use, during the finishing phase, of prints and pigments that very often do not preserve the naturalness of the sight and the delicacy to the touch. Therefore, for “soft leather” we intend generally a leather that is soft, while for “nappa leather”, in the tradition, it is intended a much more valuable type with uncorrected grain.

Nappa leather hides for Sale

If you're wondering where to buy nappa leather online, then you're in the right place. On our website Buyleatheronline we have created a special category for nappa leather online sale by square meter, by square feet or by the piece, which includes, for practical reasons, lamb nappa leather hides, calf nappa leather and bovine leather in general of the highest quality and all Made in Italy according to the ancient tradition of the term. We decided to exclude the so-called "soft leather" in general because as explained, it is not enough that a leather is soft to be able to call it "nappa".