Crocodile Embossed Leather & Faux Croc Leather

In this category you will find the best Italian crocodile embossed leather hides for sale, this item is also called faux croc leather. The purpose of this finish is to imitate the scales and texture of real crocodiles and alligators or to create fantasy and more usable surfaces. Sometimes these embossed leathers are very complex to produce and for this reason their cost can be high.

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crocodile embossed leather

What is Crocodile Embossed Leather?

The crocodile embossed leather is a skin, usually of bovine or ovine origin, that has been printed with a texture with the intent to imitate the appearance of the real croc leather, for this reason it is also called faux croc leather. Compared to the genuine one, the embossed leather is much more sustainable because it is produced starting from a recovery material, in fact the bovine and ovine animals are breed for their meat and not for the skin.

Crocodile Embossed Leather & Faux Croc Leather

Tannery production can imitate many crocodile species such as caimans or alligators and crocodiles, getting a beautiful faux crocodile or alligator leather. Tannery use a proper tannage and right substance to realize various embossed alligator or embossed crocodile leather. Any kind of leather hide can be used for this purpose, but mostly bovine sides are exploited to create realistic fake crocodile leather. The aim of embossing is to imitate and recreate the full skin of crocodile or single parts of the animals like the bellies, heads or tails etc., with a very attractive final look.

Faux gator leather is more and more used from the tanneries to avoid the intensive exploitation of these reptiles, preferring the production of fake crocodile skin instead of the genuine crocodile leather.

Crocodile Embossed Leather For sale

When looking for crocodile leather for sale, you need to pay attention to the features of material, because not all suppliers are able to provide the same quality. Croc leather needs special machines to be produced and high standards of tanning to obtain a good result; on BuyLeatherOnline we select and offer only the best embossed skins produced in Italy by the best tanneries. Finally, the cost of the crocodile embossed leather is much cheaper than the genuine one, usually it ranges from 30€ to 80€ per square meter, instead the genuine one can cost up to 1500-2000€ per one skin.