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Conceria Walpier - Italian tannery specialized in vegetable tanned leather

Conceria Walpier tannery in Italy does not need many introductions: founded in 1974, it is based in Ponte a Egola, one of the towns belonging to the Tuscan tanning district. The Tuscan leather area is known worldwide for the quality of the leathers produced both with chrome tan and above all with the vegetable tan. In its 40 years of history, Walpier has always dedicated itself with passion and skill to the production of 100% vegetable tanned leathers that have now become synonymous with Italian quality and excellence all over the world. The tannery mainly produces items made on bovine shoulders of bulls or cows in various finishes, ideal for the creation of bags, belts, wallets and leather goods in general. Among the most known products we certainly find the famous Buttero, Dollaro and Burro.


Conceria Walpier "Buttero leather" is one of the leading products of the tannery and is made on vegetable tanned square shoulders aniline finished. Since it is a very natural material any irregularities and imperfections on the surface of the leather are considered an added value and not a defect. Buttero vegetable tanned leather is one of the most versatile item, it has a firm hand and a certain rigidity that allows the application of prints, in addition to the possible multiple uses. Among the main applications of this leather we find leather goods such as wallets, bags, belts and so on.


"Walpier Dollaro" leather falls into the category of the best vegetable tanned leathers produced by Walpier tannery in Italy. "Dollaro" is a printed leather, from which its name originates, and thanks to this particular print the natural grain of the leather is enhanced. The firmness and rigidity of this 100% vegetable tanned material allows you to make unlined bags, wallets, but also very high quality belts.


“Walpier Burro” leather produced by Walpier tannery is characterized by a smooth surface, finished with a white wax that covers the real color of the leather. The white waxed finish is removable and allows to unleash the creativity of the craftsman, since just a cloth is needed to create original and unique patterns on the surface, bringing out shades of the beautiful underlying color. Conceria Walpier Burro is particularly suitable for the production of leather goods and bags that will improve their appearance over time and usage.


Does conceria Walpier Buttero only come from shoulder?

Yes, for the majority this item is mainly produced on shoulders, because they are the best material to be finished with aniline, even if the tannery also produce it on bellies.

Walpier Buttero