Lambskin and Sheepskin Leather

Lambskin and sheepskin leather hides are known for its features of comfort, softness, quality and lightness, for these reason they are suitable for making garment, gloves but also leather goods, bags and accessories. In this category you will find our selection of lambskin and sheepskin leather hides coming from the best Italian tanneries and used by the most famous fashion brands.

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Lambskin leather: introduction

Lambskin leather is one of the most used leather materials from leathercrafters due to its softness, comfort, versatility and luxurious look. It comes from the processing of young sheep hides, typically under eight months old, and is known for its fine grain and lightweight quality. Genuine lambskin leather, when of high quality, is durable and breathable, making it ideal for use in a wide range of products like garments, jackets, bags, and many other leather accessories. Among the benefits of using lambskin leather, we can for sure include its softness, which makes it comfortable, its versatility, which makes it suitable for a many applications, and its durability, which ensures it can be used for years without ruining. 

On our e-commerce website, we offer wide a range of high-quality lambskin leather hides for your crafting needs. Whether you are looking for soft, genuine, fashion or colored lambskin leather, our selection will be able to meet your needs, including embossed lambskin leather, which can ensure uniqueness to your projects.

Lambskin and Sheepskin Leather

Lambskin leather products

Our catalog of lambskin leather hides for sale includes a variety of colors, thickness, and kinds to choose from. We offer soft nappa lambskin leather for garment, a lightweight material that is perfect for clothing, gloves, skirts and garment accessories, as well as a thicker version suitable for leather goods, bags, and shoes production. Our genuine lambskin leather is made in Italy and it is produced by the best tanneries starting from high-quality raw hides that are carefully processed to ensure high standards of quality.

Lambskin leather can be produced with hair-on or not: in the first case it is called shearling leather and is usually produced from sheepskins, that are older lambs; instead, if the lamb is processed without hair-on usually it is aniline finished but we can also find printed, laminated, suede or embossed finishes.

Real lambskin leather uses

Lambskin leather is used in a wide range of industries, mainly in fashion, leather goods and garment but also home decor and sports equipment. It is one the most used materials for creating high-end leather jackets, bags, shoes, pants, as well as for crafting decorative pillows, rugs, and other home accents especially when finished with hair-on (i.e. sheepskin).

Sheepskin and lambskin leather: care and maintenance

To ensure your lambskin leather products last long, it is important to properly care for and maintain them. It is recommended to clean them with a soft cloth and mild soap and to avoid exposure to water and direct sunlight. Finally, it is suggested to store your leather products in a cool, dry place avoiding plastic bags to let the leather breath.

Where to buy lambskin and sheepskin leather?

In our e-commerce website Buyleatheronline, we offer high-quality “Made in Italy” lambskin leather hides coming from the best tanneries and fashion brands. Whether you are a leathercraft enthusiast or a designer looking to add a touch of luxury to your products, we have got the perfect lambskin leather for you.