Bovine Leather Hide: Features And Applications Of Calf Leather

Published : 11/04/2016 16:25:25
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Leather market and Italy Production

Leather certainly represents an element of quality, not to say of luxury, since ancient times. The most prestigious leather is the one that is obtained from mammals: bovine animals, goats, sheep, lambs, buffaloes, donkeys, horses and so on. The age of the animal, its origin and its weight are all crucial factors concerning the quality of leather that will be obtained from them. Weight is also the unit of measurement in the trade of skins. Europe is the largest leather producer in the world and not just for the production volumes, but also for its quality. Despite the international competitors being very determined, Italy is still the world leader in the tanning industry. Footwear alone account for the half of the whole market, next we find the field of leather goods, with its 20%, leather products for the furnishing with a threshold of 19% and a 5% of hides used in bookbinding and accessories. The remaining share represents leather used in the clothing sector and for car interiors.

calf leather

Bovine leather hide and its features

Calf leather is a type of bovine leather hide that accounts for a class of its own: they are the most valuable and favorite ones. In relation to their width and weight they are endowed with a remarkable fullness; their fibers are very thin but originate a very strong and fibrous fabric; leather that comes from it is soft, elastic, foldable and the hair side of the skin is exquisite. Their use is reserved for the most valuable production.


Calf leather is widely used in the production of jackets, footwear and garments. Calf leather has proved to be very strong, able to withstand abrasions. For this reason it is used in the manufacturing of gloves and jackets intended for heavy use, while when used for the production of shoes it originates a soft product that maintains unaltered in time its features, even if used daily.

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