Brush Off Craft Leather Pieces: Features

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Brush Off Craft Leather Pieces: Features

Introduction to this leather processing

For brush off leather we mean the skin of any animal that has undergone a range of treatments in order to meet its final appearance. The surface of this leather has been brushed by hand or by machine and than covered. At the end of the abrasion technique, the leather can be either glossy or matt finish. Such a finishing is obtained by laying out an even layer of dye that can be later brushed according to a traditional technique.

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What is the point in making brush off craft leather hides?

Why the skins have to undergo such a treatment? In most of the cases it is a matter of aesthetic reasons. In nature, in fact, just like human beings, animals can have on their skin some marks, like stains, scars, insects stings or simply creases. Usually the skins that have undergone no treatment do look quite even though. At times, however, those natural marks are not that appreciated by a certain target of customers. Just for this reason we make brush off leather pieces. First we do have to fill the skin, and later proceed to the hair side of the leather. Once this procedure has been done, we will get into the real grinding process, during which sandpaper gets into play. It is used in order to refine and level the top part of the hair side of the leather, in order to remove all the unsightly marks.

Application of brush off craft leather pieces

What is the purpose to use brush off craft leather pieces? Their uses are in fact multiple: with them many leather goods can be made like bags, or suitcases and shoes. Particularly widespread are brush off leather wallets, that can be easily found in any shop and not just in leather stores. Compared with untreated skins, the brush off craft leather pieces have the advantage of being much less expensive and, in certain respects, and considering customers tastes, more pleasant aesthetically.