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Buying Leather Online means being up-to-date, reading, studying and always learning new things, this is our goal: to write down everything we know. For example, we will explain how to choose leather for bags or leather for belts; which is the most suitable leather for shoes or for upholstery of sofas. There are also leather for furniture and floors, did you know? Not to mention the leather for clothing, saddles, crafts, bindings .. etc. .. here we could continue indefinitely.

If you are interested in all these things or simply you are curious, following this blog you will have access to a database on unique leather, which will be constantly cultivated over time and which will make of you experts in leather or vegetable tanned leather or chrome, how and where buy leather, use and quality of leather cut-outs, what a full-grain or first-flower leather is and how it differs from a suede and nubuck leather.

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