Buyleatheronline is finally online!

Published : 07/22/2015 14:57:07
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Buyleatheronline is finally online!

A new innovative place where to buy leather online 100% coming from best italians fashion brands


Buyleatheronline is E-commerce portal of the Italian leather in the world, is born from the experience and passion of a company that started 60 years ago and is specialized in the sale of finished leather stock lot, with the aim to offer a service based on knowledge, innovation and attention to customer needs.

  • The highest quality products at cheap prices
  • Great customer service
  • Money back guarantee and return of the goods


Buyleatheronline is a useful and immediate platform, for those who intend to buy leather hides and skins that have the quality of "Made in Italy". Thanks to strengthened ties with the Italian tanning industry, which always provides impressive quality of production, attention to detail and creativity, Buyleatheronline offers a wide range of products that can meet every need. In addition to this, we offer a fast and reliable delivery and the possibility of return, allowing you to purchase leather on Buyleatheronline 24 hours on 24, wherever you are. Moreover, thanks to a guide on the Leather, you have an help to choose the right article and allows anyone to become a part of this world.

  • Finished leather stock lot
  • Sole and belt Leather
  • Vegetable tanned lather
  • Precious skins
  • Leather remnants
  • Synthetics rolls

This kinds of leather is useful for producing many kinds of articles such as: Leather Crafts, Bags, Belt, Sofa, Shoes, Wallets, Garment, Furniture, Upholstery etc..


The products are sold at low prices and are aimed at any type of buyer: from the craftsman to the large company, without bothering to cross the borders, in fact, the company already exports to more than 120 countries

Thanks to the skills and experience of three generations who have continually reinvented the business, the company now has thousands of sales every year and hundreds of customers habitual and significant international awards. The innovative project Buyleatheronline bring on the Web those services and those skills that are hard to imitate and that bring to stand out from the competition.

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