Calfskin Printed Leather Hides For A Touch Of Originality Or Exotic

Published : 03/26/2017 16:14:10
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Wisdom and artisan method for quality products with a refined taste

From the shoes and bags to leather goods to bookbinding, from the production of linings and upholstery to clothing and belts, printed calfskin leather has proved to be a suitable material for the most various uses. Leather can be treated and processed with printed exotic charming motives. The printed finishing and the drawings realized on the surface will enhance the hair side of the skin that characterizes for its softness, but at the same time, is elastic, flexible and resistant.

Printed Calfskin

Printed calfskin leather goods: manufacturing threads and patterns

A skillful tanning of leather and accurate processing of the material lead to the creation of various goods produced in varnished prints and soft crocodile prints divided in a wide range of dyes and shades, with geometric patterns in glossy or waxed skin. Or in the sophisticated threads of Saffiano leather that, with their semi scratched pattern – thanks to the wax treatment – ensure the final product to be a synthesis of elegance, sturdiness and practicality.

A touch of luxury with exotic fascination

The elegant sobriety of a classical and timeless style, has been magnified by a choice of high quality and original taste. From here stems the sophisticated refinement of reptile prints that, starting from the manufacturing of calfskin, evoke the elegance and charm of python like fantasies, of the croc pr alligator threads or of the impressive exotic pelts. In the footsteps of the latest fashion and luxury trends, the customer is proposed a broad selection of shoes, leather goods and accessories that distinguish themselves for the quality of their materials, for following current taste and aesthetics and in the finishing of the hides. The care in design and the ability of the artisans that work on calfskin leather create a brilliant play of reptiles, smooth and polished finishing that contrast and embellish the print.

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