What is a Cowhide and Where to Buy?

Published : 01/08/2016 11:06:09
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What is Cowhide Leather?

The bovine hides

Cowhide is the whole skin of a bovine animal, usually a cow or a heifer, tanned but left in its natural state and that can have or not the hair on hide still attached. If the hair is still attached, it usually keeps the original color of the animal. The whole bovine skins are a natural product of the tanning sector and a sub-product of the food industry of the cattle. The cowhide can also be turned into a skin, which can be used to create goods such as shoes, wallets, leather jackets, belts, sofas.

The Bovine hides are obtained from the cows when they are killed. Thanks to the complex tanning process, which is divided into hundreds of stages, they can be transformed into soft skin for the creation of objects that are expensive or not depending on the process used, and goods that are to be achieved. The tanneries are located in particular parts of the world, in Italy, in particular, are located in Santa Croce sull'Arno, Arzignano and Solofra. This is because the leather tanning requires both the presence of abundant water from a river that technical know-how of the highest level, which is why they create so-called "industrial districts" in which companies collaborate with each other making their contribution to the realization of finished leather.


Where are the best Raw Cowhides

The best place to raise cattle and from where come the best raw hides is northern Europe: countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway, offer the best raw hides which are then processed in tanneries.

cowhide size

The price of cattle hides

The price of a finished bovine leather depends on many factors, first of all the processes used for tanning and the type of raw material used. In general, when it comes to production of bovine hides for furniture and upholstery, they have a price per square meter ranging from 32 € / m2 up to € 60 / m2 for the skins of higher quality intended for the luxury sector. In our website you will find much lower prices for the goods on sale, this is because thanks to the congealed links with companies in the industry and the recovery of inventories of stock we can offer quality products at prices unmatched by anyone selling leather. We are so sure we have the best price regarding the sale of the leather skin online that we encourage you to notify us of possible lower prices and we will be able to make a better offer.

The sales policy of the leather cowhides

In BuyLeatherOnline, we always try to make sure you have a complete availability of all products and colors, but if you do not find the item you want, please contact us by your request directly to our sales staff that will do all to find the skin that you are looking for. That's why we have so many satisfied customers who keep coming back to shop on our online sales site of the cowhide leather. We also want, through checks and send free samples of skin, be sure that when you buy one of our products you are getting exactly what is right for you or something completely different and unique for your craft production.


Cowhide Rugs

Both with hair on hide cowhide or not you can make carpets and upholstery for sofas, car interiors and much more. In case you want to accomplish in cowhide rugs, these are the perfect accent for a tapestry or robust enough for a carpet in your house, room or family room.

What Can I Do with cowhide: the room for creativity!

Do not limit your creativity! Enjoy with our skins and create unique items like socks cowhide Christmas coasters cow pillows Western, light switches cowhide, cowhide for purses and handbags, cowhide for the checkbook, tickets card leather, organizers for desk in cowhide leather, cowhide frames etc.. In addition to the traditional uses such as leather clothing (jackets, vests and hats) or for furniture and upholstery (car, motorcycle seats, sofas, books, etc.).

The tanning process in brief

Once a cow is dead, the skin is removed. The skin is then already selected for quality, size and color in the rough, then it is salted. In tanning the cowhides comes in the halls and the special methods are adopted to leave the skin soft, with a pleasant smell and not subject to decomposition. The tanning has the aim to ensure that the cowhide will last as long as possible. In fact, the skin can last decades once tanned according to the best methods. The skin is then dried in the natural way and the best hides are separated from the rest, some are put in the third choice, these are generally those with damage (i.e. cuts and other injuries to the skin during the life of the animal) that can lead to tearing skin or evidence of unsightly visual defects.

How can be finished a cowhide

The cowhide leather can be dyed to resemble skins like tiger or zebra, but dyeing processes or covering processes in general (such as pigmented and printed finishing) are usually reserved for lower quality cowhides. The best are usually presented in the aniline finishing, or if you leave with the hair attached in the original colors that are based on the breed of cattle.


In Zulu culture based South African, the cowhide is used to make a skirt traditional Zulu called Isidwaba.

Cowhide and leather on BuyLeatherOnline

Thank you for visiting our site buyleatheronline.com. Here you will find several lines of products of high quality cowhide, in particular, vegetable tanned leather and chrome tanned leather, natural leather, aniline leather, printed leather and leather silk-screened. Our popularity is growing more and more and we are becoming the main source of the world of the Internet for the sale of leather for craft projects.

Each order of cowhide and leather made on buyleatheronline.com is followed by our employees with care and precision, making sure that the customer is always pleased to receive the goods which boasts the quality of Made in Italy. Each order is then personalized and leather that you will receive is tested and inspected before packaging.

Rest assured that every leather ordered is of the highest quality, of course you should keep in mind that the skin is a "living" material and the skin even if first choice can not be free of small flaws or imperfections, but these imperfections make unique and personal each object made with the skin .

The bovine hides have sizes ranging from 4 to 6 square meters, in particular our article "Furniture Mixed Skins Extra Large" which is a best seller, is characterized by the presence of two sizes: Large (L) and Extra Large ( XXL). We have over 4000 pictures of our products on the site, which will allow you to see the scalp or the skin from the slightest angle and capture every detail. No other site offers so much choice and so photo quality.

When you make your order, we will send you exactly the item you ordered in size and appearance, however, since no two identical cowhides will never ever look the same, you have to have some flexibility in particular on the average size of the leather indicated.

As for the care of the product, the skin and the cowhides for sale on buyleatheronline.com they are easy to maintain.

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