What is Full Grain Leather?

Published : 08/01/2016 14:29:10
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What is full grain leather?

It is the outer part of the skin of the animal. When talking about skin and leather in general, you have to make important distinctions between its types on the market. Those who want only the best should refer to the one of the finest leathers on the market, or the full grain leather. This material is the most natural in its class and is unbeatable by any other kind.

full grain leather

Phenomenal characteristics of fine leather

To adequately describe this material, unique in its kind, you can’t but list all its characteristics and quality. As previously mentioned, the full-grain leather is a kind of leather with extremely natural features; this peculiarity is emphasized by the incredible softness and unique tactile effect similar to silk to the skin. The unmistakable naturalness of full-grain leather is also manifested in the form of typical wrinkles of the material: for this reason, any inaccuracies or surface discontinuities must be understood as a sign of prestige and, above all, it guarantees the quality of the skin. All these features are the sign of the few processes to which the material has been subjected: in particular, it shouldn’t be smoothened, polished and, above all, the skin surface should not be retouched. Another key feature that gives value to the material is the presence of typical pores of the skin, which, in this case, should be clearly open.


Such fine leather lends itself to the highest quality final uses. The most traditional applications are, without a doubt, the sofas lining and high-end chairs, or even the luxury shoes manufacturing. All this is possible thanks to an imposing resistance and, above all, thanks to a breathability that knows no competitors among other types of leather. Among the best leather products on the market, the full grain leather is appreciated especially by those who give much importance to elegance and quality.

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