How To Make The Best Of Hair On Leather Scraps

Published : 12/17/2016 21:21:27
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Why buying leather remnant scraps of hair on hides

Pony, Cavallino and hair on leather remnants are one of the most glamour and fascinating skins available on the market. The type of processing needed in order to obtain such finished leather is for sure quite unique. Usually rough leather, during the preliminary stages of tanning, is soaked in water and later the hair is eliminated and the follicles are filled in, in order not to be seen when the product is finished. For pony leather, it will need to be soaked, then tanned and later de-coloring the hair. The hair, once white, will be colored in silk printing that will also reproduce the effects of spots in the hair of various animals like for instance mustang horses, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and so on.

hair on leather scraps

Raw skins

According to the quality level of the finished skins we aim to obtain, raw skins of calves are used, which are the most refined ones, or of adult bovines, where the hair already shows some defects, which however allow to restrain selling prices. We are anyway talking about an expensive type of leather compared to the average ones. Shoes, accessories or furnishing manufacturing companies, at first perform the cutting of the larger size parts like bags or uppers. After this first stage, if the company concerned is also producing small leather goods or small furnishing items, it will proceed to cut them using almost the whole surface of the skin. Companies that do not produce small leather goods instead will put the pony leather remnant scraps up for sale.


Why buying pony leather scraps? Because they are an affordable alternative that allows to obtain a particular and high quality material. It would be a pity not to take advantage of such an opportunity: just think of the possibility to create items like wallets or key rings, create unique presents for your family or friends or simply decorate your space according to your taste. You could create this and much more with our pony leather remnants scraps.

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