Laminated Leather: What is And When is Used?

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Laminated Leather: What is And When is Used?

Lamination and Metallic Leather

Leather is a very versatile material: it is suitable to many a different types of processing, with the possibility to obtain a variety of effects. A way to make the leather look good aesthetically consists of lamination: this technique consists in the application of a very thin metal foil able to lend the hides a more or less glossy appearance; the chromatic choice is about endless. According to the desired effect, it is possible to create metal finishing both glossy or slightly opaque. Laminated leather is particularly apt for the production of shoes and bags.

laminated metallic leather


In order to give a laminated look to the hides specific machines are needed, able to reach high temperatures to guarantee a perfect anchoring of the metal foil to the leather. This latter one is generally few micron thick, and can be transferred on the hides uniformly or in such a way to create a pattern, based on own preferences. Lamination can be applied on all types of skin, even on printed ones, producing very particular effects. Among the many possible dyeing, the most used ones are those typical of metals like gold, silver or copper.


Laminated leather can come out to be pretty subtle if opaque and neutral in color, but can also make the item look aggressive, flashy and lively; it is for sure always able to make any look seem more modern and full of glamour. A not so glossy finishing on brown leather can embellish a classic styled bag, while a pair of silver laminated courts will look elegant and, at the same time, a bit aggressive too. Metal finishing leather is suitable to create original wallets too, especially if with a copper tinge of color. The boldest people would love to surprise with a pair of gold laminated sneakers, possibly printed with a crocodile pattern!