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Published : 07/19/2015 12:37:29
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Buying leather can be difficult, especially for non-experts of the field. For this reason, bringing together passion and experience, we have decided to create a free comprehensive guide about the fascinating world of leather, to accompany and guide the customer in choosing articles that best meet his needs.


leather cowhide

I. What kind of leather do I need?

    1. Leather for furniture and upholstery
    2. Leather for leather goods: bags, wallets, keykeeper, suitecases, lining, binding
    3. Leather for shoes and sole leather
      1. Sole Leather
    4. Leather for garment
    5. Leather for saddlery, belts, and harness
    6. Leather Remnants and Scraps
    7. Leather Stock lot
    8. Full Cow Hide
    9. Leather for sofa
    10. Leather for Craft
    11. Top Grain Leather
    12. Full Grain Leather
    13. Ostrich Leather
    14. Eel Leather
    15. Kangaroo Leather
    16. Pigskin
    17. Fine and Exotic Leather
    18. Leather

II. How much leather do I need? 


III. The first important distinction: Full Grain Leather Vs. Split Leather

IV. Types of Finishing

  1. Brush-off Leather
  2. Aniline Leather
  3. Laminated Leather
  4. Printed Leather
  5. Embossed Leather
  6. Patent Leather
  7. Naplak
  8. Nubuck
  9. Pigmented Leather
  10. Pull-up Leather
  11. Bicast/PU Leather
  12. Suede/Velour
  13. Vegetable Tanned Leather- Natural Leather
  14. Other special finishes that you can find on our website
  15. Saffiano Leather
  16. Split Leather
  17. Cavallino
  18. Shearling Fur Leather
  19. Nappa Leather
  20. Cocco or Crocodile printed leather
  21. Drymilled Leather

V. Full Cow Hide division: Leather Parts


VI. Types of Tanning

    1. Vegetable Tanned Leather
    2. Chrome Tanning
    3. Mixed Tanning


VII. How to identify Leather

VIII. The tanning process

    1. Introduction
    2. Stages:
      1. Raw storage and Riviera works
      2. Tanning
      3. Subsequent operations to tanning
      4. Finishing


IX. DIY Corner: Some video tutorials


X. Leather Glossary

About The Leather Production

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