Leather by the yard and by meter: prices and where to buy

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Leather by the yard and by meter: prices and where to buy

Cost of Leather by the Yard or by the Meter

The cost of leather per Meter or by the Yard varies depending on the grade of leather, its origin, the process used in the processing phase and the type of finish applied to it. Generally ranging from €20 per meter for the cheapest raw leather to €140 per meter for the most expensive, except for particular products, exotic or customized kinds.

Below, a ranking of the materials from the cheapest to the most expensive:

  • lamb skins of economic choices;
  • cheap goat skins;
  • large cowhides such as cows;
  • medium-sized calf and bull hides, quality sheepskins;
  • skins with hair on, like shearling;
  • baby calf skins (the most expensive especially in the hair on finishing can cost more than €140/m2)
  • exotic skins of ostriches, crocodiles, furs etc., are in a class of their own and are even more valuable

1 Square meter = correspond to about 1,20 Square Yard and 11 square feet

leather by the meter or by the yard

Leather by the Yard: Where to buy?

Leather hides by meter or by the yard, being a "living" material, require a long and complex process in order to be exploited and produced at its best. As already explained, leather is generally an expensive product and the price varies based on various factors such as the quality, the origin, the processing, tanning, the country in which production takes place, the finishing of the surface (full grain, top grain, corrected grain and so on..) but before of all the know-how of the producer, because the key in leather production is to know how to exploit at best each kind of raw material obtaining the best product from it.

In general, it is possible to buy leather by the meter or by the yard from tanneries, but this is certainly a method that involves less choice, a higher price and a minimum order quantity to be purchased.

Where to buy Leather by the yard

Online sales of leather by the Yard or by Meter

Leather by the yard can be purchased on our website buyleatheronline.com where you can find the materials divided into categories related to the type of use, or there is also a subdivision based on the type of tanning or the type of finishing .

Our website offers all types of leather at wholesaler prices, even if buying one single skin at time, and valuable material coming from final season stock lots and it is also possible to order just one meter or yard at a time.

Leather by the square foot and other standards of measurement

Leather, unlike other materials such as fabrics, is not usually sold by pieces or by the linear meter, rather it is sold based on the surface it has (measured in square feet, square yards, square inches or square meters).

The internationally recognized unit of measurement in the sector is the square meters, but many countries such as India, Pakistan, United States and South America are used to measure skin based on square feet, while countries like United Kingdom use square Yards or Inches (inches).

So, selling by the meter or foot (based on the surface) is the way leather is usually considered in the tannery sector.

On our site, for simplicity, we have introduced the concept of average size: each article reports with an average surface size (square feet, square yards or square meters) that has a tolerance of 20%, greatly facilitating the purchase of a few quantity at once.