Leather for Craft: What is and How to Choose?

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Leather for Craft: What is and How to Choose?

What is leather for craft and how to choose the right one?

leather for craft

Leather for craft includes all leathers that are used to make leather accessories such as bags, wallets, key rings, suitcases, bindings and so on. When choosing leather for crafting, the first step is to identify the right type of material based on the project we intend to carry out. In fact, there are thousands of different types of leathers, and at first glance you can find yourself displaced. To make the choice easier even for the less experienced, on our BuyLeatherOnline website we have created a subdivision of the products based on the intended use, so that the user can immediately narrow the search. In any case, the main elements that must be taken into consideration for the choice of leather for crafts are:

  • Leather tanning
  • Type of animal
  • Finishing of the leather surface
  • Thickness
  • Firmness
  • Color

In the dedicated category of our site you will find for sale the most suitable leather for making bags for men or women, suitcases, wallets, bindings, covers and various accessories. Usually the leathers for crafts are distinguished by the variety of finishes and by the "personal" character.

The importance of leather tanning in craft leather

Based on the tanning of the leather, hides with very different characteristics can be found. The two main tanning are chrome and vegetable one: the first is indicated in case you are looking for a refined and finished look; vegetable tanning is instead indicated for the creation of objects that must be personalized (for example through engravings or dyes), or that must have a more natural and lived-in appearance.

How the type of animal affect the leather craft

Depending on the type of animal there are very different skin characteristics. The diagram below helps to better understand the different types and for which uses they are best suited. In principle, the main parameter is represented by the size and texture of the leather, which must be adapted to your pattern.

leather for craft


Cowhide leather for craft

Cowhide leather comes from the processing of the skin of a cow. This type of leather is the most used and the more standard product, since it can be found in car seats, sofas and chairs, and on many fashion items. Bags made of cowhide will normally last longer since a more covered finish is used on the surface of these skins. Cowhide leather will usually have a good amount of texture (slightly rough feeling to the touch). Many fashion brands use these medium expensive cowhides to make their products.

Calfskin leather for craft

Calfskin can be included inside the category of cowhides since they are both bovines but in reality the quality of the grain of calf is much superior to that of the cow, this is why all luxury fashion brands usually use calf skins to make their premium products.

Sheep and Goatskin leather for craft

The skins comes from sheep, goat and lamb, since these leathers are smaller in size compared to a cow, the items made are also usually smaller. Many people like this kind of skin for its softness and smooth surface.

Finishing and temper of the leather for craft

All the listed kinds of leather are good to produce leather goods, handbags, bags, luggage, binding and various accessories and these items comes with a specific “character”. As regards the leather for craft, the most important thing is the final look you want to give to your products, so for small pochette you can use both rigid and soft skins, instead for big bags, sports bags a soft leather is usually suggested. The most important resistance to for these leather materials are the bending and the abrasion ones. In out website you will find goatskins, calfskin, sheepskin but also ostrich, deerskin and pigskin, all with different characteristic, dimension and grains all with the necessary resistances. 

The main kinds of leather finishing we can find are:

  • Full grain leathers: these leather maintain the full original grain of the animal well visible. The grain is the characteristic of the article and the finishing will customize it. Full grain articles could be matt or shining but also printed according to the market needs.
  • Corrected grain leather: these skins have been covered with a layer of pigments that ensure more resistance to the usage and a more even look.
  • Split leathers: they’re obtained splitting the leather and taking the lower part of the skin to obtain a suede leather.

Where to buy leather for craft?

On our website Buyleatheronline.com you will find a wide range of leather hides for craft, at best prices and with the quality of Made in Italy.