Leather For Garment: The Right Skin For Coats & Jackets

Published : 01/04/2017 22:15:39
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The choice of Leather for Coats & Jackets

Leather, a natural material very charming can in all its variants express all its beauty in garments. When we select leather for garments, it is important to assess the use we will need it for, because every garment has a determined type of leather suitable for itself. For sure our taste is important but if besides taste we put close to each other also the knowledge of an informed and targeted selection, the final result will be for sure better.

Leather for Coats & Jackets

Any leather has its own reason

Leather for garments doesn’t have to be mixed with the one for home accessories (wallets or boxes) or for upholstery (car seats or easy chairs), because it must accompany the body and so must be tanned correctly in order to perfectly fit the body. According to the use needed leather needs to be processed in a different way, it is not just an aesthetic issue, the width or tanning and treatment in general must be done in order to make it fit to garments. The width has to be homogeneous and the quality very high; we certainly won’t be able to select any type of leather to create a leather garment. 

Leather for garments

The most common type to be used to produce DIY leather jackets is the sheepskin, but with calf leather tanned with aniline dyed and nappa temper, we can create extremely versatile light jackets, which are not too long and will reach just below the hips; with a belt that emphasizes the shapes, we will have a classical but elegant look. Another interesting idea is using ram suede leather for both wide and tube skirts, which can value any feminine body with the unparalleled beauty of suede leather, which will never be unfashionable. Whatever the garment we aim to create the first thing to do will be to select the right leather, all the rest will come by itself.

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