Leather For Shoes Making: Main Kinds

Published : 12/10/2016 14:59:43
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The types of leather for shoes

The word "shoe" contains a range of subspecies like slippers, sandals, boots, décolleté, high boots. Because of this many different kinds of leather can be used, and it is not always easy to find the right one. All those specific articles for accident prevention or for trekking or waterproof; from which comes the need to produce various different types of leathers for shoes. According to the type of shoes intended to be made, the producer looks for the suitable hides for their physical features like width or the kind of finishing and technique like the tanning method or greasing or like being waterproof. In the last thirty years both the research and tannery technology have made huge strides forward, allowing to process leathers with a minimum width of 0,5 mm. up to 12 mm.

leather for shoes

To each shoe its own skin

Children or women’s shoes hides usually utilize skins with a maximum thickness of 1 mm to allow comfort and lightness, as well as to develop highly sought after styles. Baby calf skins are widely used or goat and sheepskins which are softer and finest. Safety shoes, with acid resistant or waterproof variants, normally provide for the use of the crust leather, that is the lowest part of the adult bovine or of the pig, chrome tanned, colored and treated to the purpose of ensuring the strength necessary for the usage it has been produced for. Trekking boots foresee the use of bovine leather thick up to 2 m, waxed and waterproof treated in order to offer the best performance on the outside.

High boots leathers

In order to produce high boots, various kind of leathers are used, from 0.6/0.8 mm. of fashion high boots up to 1.5 mm. of riding boots, going from goats leathers up to bovine leathers. Leather for man’ s shoes and biking boots is usually the bovine one, with a minimum width of 1 mm. up to 1,4 mm. with soft chrome tannery or with a more strong and structured vegetable tannery or a mixed one. Mixed tan allows getting high level and varied finishing. Another type of leather goods used  is sole leather, for the sleekest shoes, tanned with vegetable extracts, this is the kind of healthier and traditional sole used for the production of shoes.

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