Leather hides for bags sale: which pieces to favour

Pubblicato 02/08/2017 15:11:47
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What shall a leather sale shop offer?

The customer must be satisfied, this is the basic rule. The bags to be produced can be of various types, for women, for men, briefcases and professional ones. Inevitably, every type of bag needs a different kind of leather. At the same time, every type of bag can be produced with many different types of leather.

Rigid briefcases for example, can be produced by calves leather, half calves and whole calves chrome tanned, or on vegetable tanned breeches, shoulders or avant-corps. The production of professional rigid briefcases is optimized using vegetable breeches, shoulder or avant-corps.

leather hidesWhat to look for in leather hides for women bags?

Bags are for sure part of the broadest and most varied universe, the possibilities are almost endless. In case of bags mixed with fabric, can be arranged matching with chrome half calves or with vegetable hips or shoulders. To produce bags for walk or shoppers, based on different styles could be used young calves, half calves, calves or breeches, chrome tanned or with mixed tanning and vegetable re-tanning, or even vegetable half calves, shoulders, avant.corps or breeches, drummed with a greased soft appearance and a much longer durability in time.

For men bags, what shall leather for bags sale offer?

Men bags are usually a bit more "rigid" than women bags, and this stiffness often derives from the type of material used: half calves or chrome calves with vegetable re-tanning of 1,2 / 1,4 mm width, or vegetable hips, shoulders, avant-corps and breeches always of 1,2 / 1,4 mm of width are a must. Vegetable leather are recommended especially for men bags because of their elasticity and waterproofing, for their resistance to scratches and abrasions and for their appearance definitively more mannish compared to chrome tanned leather.

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