Leather hides for car seats: a guide to understand how to choose it

Pubblicato 12/24/2016 21:46:14
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Advantages of leather hides for car seats

Leather hides for car seats present many advantages that go beyond a simple aesthetic advantage. For sure a car with leather hides is characterized for its qualities of elegance and detail, however, besides a pleasant aesthetic impact, leather hides car seats have other precious characteristics. Firstly they are far more resistant than the classical texture seats and do not get ruined or worn easily over time. Secondly they are extremely easy to be cleaned and maintained.

leather hides for car seatsTypes of hides

What are the hides used to upholster the cars interiors? The most used hides for cars upholstering are the bovine ones. They are available in ranges of different colours and processing: in black, beige, red, blue so on and so forth. For those that instead wish to have a real unique car there is the possibility to upholster the car seats with high quality skins, as for example those of snakes and crocodiles.

How to choose them?

How can we choose the most suitable hides for our own car?  Obviously a lot depends from your personal taste and from the colours of the car. A car that has dark exteriors could possibly need clear hides and vice versa. However it will be necessary to think about the functionality of the upholsters: clear hide seats, in fact, have the tendency to get dirty easily and need more maintenance. Those too dark, instead, can warm up quite easily when hit by the sun rays. Red seats can look tacky on cars that are not luxurious ones. In order to be sure about acquiring quality leather, always favour full grain leather: it is the best one from an aesthetic point of view and also the strongest one over time.

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