Leather Hides: Differences, Prices And Where To Buy

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Leather Hides: Differences, Prices And Where To Buy

The word “leather hide” is used in the tanning industry to identify the material resulting from the processing of animal skins which, following numerous workmanships, reaches the stage of material usable for the production of objects useful to man.

The skins to come to us in the state we see them thanks to various and complex phases of processing. In this context, Italian tanning industry plays a leading role worldwide and the quality of leather produced in our country is not qualitatively comparable to the production of any other country. Not surprisingly, all major fashion brands have in Italy their own factories or their source of leather supply for leather goods, shoes or clothing.

This noble material is common in many aspects of our everyday life that too often we do not realize: our shoes, our belts or our favourite jacket may be made of leather or have the finishing touches of this material. But why are leather hides so used?

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Advantages of the Leather Hides

The leather is widely used in commonly used objects because it has unique characteristics compared to other materials. This is why:

  • Exceptional resistance: think of your rubber and leather shoes, leather in them usually withstands much more and less deteriorates with the passing of time.
  • Breathable like fabrics: unlike rubber or plastic, the leather leaves the air come through and is therefore more comfortable to wear.
  • Water-repellent: some workmanships make the skin resistant to water but at the same time keeps the breathability characteristics.
  • It does not get older but improves with time: time gives the skin unique and inimitable features.
  • It's heat-resistant
  • It's hygienic
  • It is a waste material: cattle, pigs and sheep are bred and killed for food purposes, not for skin, using skins is therefore not a cruel gesture, but rather means to ennoble and the function these animals have for 'man.
  • It's cool: let's face it, leather objects have all the other charms about other materials.
  • It can be Ecological or Bio: in the case of vegetable tanned leather, which uses non-harmful substances for man or the environment we have a very low environmental impact, and Italy is the country where vegetable tanning is was invented!

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Different Types of Leather Hides

Depending on how it looks and the type of finishing, the leather is classified in:

  • Nubuck when it is sanded on the side of the grain.

  • Pure Aniline, if the grain is completely exposed and visible and only a thin transparent layer is applied to protect the skin. Pure aniline skins are synonymous of unmatched quality and high value because only the best skins are suitable for this kind of workmanship.

  • Semi-Aniline, the skin is covered with a light layer of suspended pigments leaving the grain visible to an even natural one.

  • Covered or Pigmented, when the grain is more or less covered, in this case we have strength and uniformity of leather.

Finally, it is also important the type of animal used that greatly affects the characteristics of the hides and the use they can make.

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How much do the leather hides cost?

The price of the skins can vary considerably depending on the process used, the selection or grade of the leather, the source material and the finishing type. In general, the price is indicated on the square meter or sqaure foot and varies from 2€/sf up to 15€ /sf (for the most common types of leather). On our website buyleatheronline.com thanks to economies of scale, you will find prices far below regular production rates because we are able to offer you both stock materials (first-grade leftovers) and regular production hides sold at wholesaler prices, with no minimum order quantity!

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Where can I buy the leather hides?

They can be purchased directly on our e-commerce website, each piece of leather is placed in the most suitable category according to the use that must be made, while for the more experienced there is also a subdivision according to tanning or finishing type. The alternative is to go to tannery, pay for products at a higher price, have a smaller choice, respect the minimum order quantities, not be sure of the final result (because tanning is not an exact science unfortunately!) and above all having to control the quality of all skins produced or in the worst case be forced to take both the best choices and the worst choices of production. We select or produce for you at the best prices, then you will be free to decide whether to buy a lower choice by saving money or pointing to the top by purchasing products of the 1st choice.