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Published : 11/26/2015 16:43:09
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Leather Remnants & Scraps: What are they?

In this category you will find pieces, scraps, remnants of leather, on both small and big size, ideal for leather crafts projects. The colors are various and depends on the item. These remnants come from the best Italian Luxury upholstery factories, tanneries, shoes factories, handbags, sofa leather, furniture, handcrafts and leather goods.

leather scraps and remnants


Buy Leather Online offers to the customers a wide choice of clippings, scraps, rags, inventories, remnants, scraps, waste and trimmings of leather suitable for the realization of any project of leather craft: from the creation of a small key chain to bags or sofas made with leather patchworks.

As regards leather remnants our company has a long experience, dating back to the 50's, in the selection and optimization of waste, remnants, scraps and inventories of the production of leather goods. We carefully consider each provider to offer the best product based on the highest quality standards of "Made in Italy": our scraps, in fact, come only from the best furniture factories and international fashion firms. The time also allowed us to understand exactly what the customer needs bringing us to identify a wide range of items suitable for different types of craft projects.

On our website you will find:

  • Scraps and remnants of leather from Italian furniture factories, which use the best leather cattle available in the market. A product that comes from a factory sofas could be suitable for the realization of a leather bag and vice versa.

  • Scraps and remnants of leather coming from Italian handbags, clothing and leather goods in general factories, including the big fashion firms, with which our company enjoys strong partnerships through which we can offer our customers the best leather available on the market at extremely low prices.

  • Scraps of fine leather and patchwork (eel, python, rabbit lapin, ostrich leather etc ..)

  • Mixed Skins, ovocaprine and bovine origin with various finishes (patent leather, embossed leather, aniline leather, dry milled leather etc ..) sold by pieces or by weight. These skins provide the best quality / price ratio on the market, as they combine the quality of Made in Italy with a very competitive price as they come from inventories of end season collection of the best Italian and international brands.

Choosing the right leather remnant or scrap

When it comes to buying cuttings, scrap, waste, remnants or scraps of leather the first thing you should consider is the minimum size of the scraps you need. Our site navigation so-called "layered" allows you to set filters in the page in order to narrow the field only to the type of scraps that really interests you. The second step is to determine the thickness and therefore the type of leather, again through the filters you can narrow down the search as needed. At this point we can, based on the project we had in mind, go and buy the right product; this approach is called "top down", you have the project and you need to search for the most suitable product. Instead we could use another approach, called "bottom up": is the article that becomes the source of inspiration for your leather craft project.

leather scraps

A video about the use of remnants and scraps of leather

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