Italian Leather Stock Lot

Published : 12/14/2015 17:05:30
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leather stock lot Italy

Leather Stock Lot Italy

BuyLeatherOnline is a project of selling luxury leather stock lot online created by a company that operates in leather business from the 50's. In addition to the years of experience accumulated there are other critical success factors: one of these is certainly the price.

Buy Leather Online offers both regular production leather and leather stock lots; many items on the website, in fact, has all the Italian know-how in the production of leather, at an unbeatable price. This is possible because our company is specialized in collecting leftover leather from tanneries, leather goods factories and fashion brands.

leather stock lot Italy

This leads us to have four distinctive core competences compared to our competitors:

  • Great variety of leather: since our products come from diversified sources of stock, we can offer all types of skins produced to date, while a normal tannery would be specialized only in some specific finishes.

  • The Quality of Made in Italy: the leather produced in Italy is notoriously considered the best in terms of quality, that's why the big brands for their luxury items, or car brands to coat the interiors, trust only in the Italian production. On our site you will find only skins produced in Italy, characterized by the highest quality standards and by the fashions of the moment.

  • The price: our products have prices that are well below those of the competition and of the regular production that takes place in tanneries since in most cases our products come from leather stock lot.

  • There is no minimum order quantity: on our website you can buy single skins, while a normal tannery would require much greater quantities.

Whether you are a small private customer, a craftsman or a company, BuyLeatherOnline is therefore the best way to buy stock lot leather online!

leather stock lots

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