New creations with coloured scraps of leather: some ideas

Pubblicato 01/07/2017 22:22:14
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Reassess and recycle with creativity

Who has ever experienced to find in his/her wardrobe quite old garments or jackets that have been abandoned since some time and almost forgotten? Probably almost everybody. Many unused garments risk to end up in the dustbin, especially if ostensibly worn down by time and therefore no longer wearable. There is however a solution to make these garments useful again and to give life to new creations.

Coloured scraps of leatherHow to use coloured scraps of leather

Coloured scraps of leather, in fact, can easily turn into bracelets, rings, straps and many other small accessories. Furthermore, they can be used to upgrade other garments, worn-out bags or accessories, creating a nice and alternative vintage effect. Plus, if you don’t have a sufficient number of dated garments or garments suitable for that use, it will always be possible to go to a tannery or tailoring shop asking to get all the waste products and so obtain great quantities of potential material to use for our creations.

Another solution to obtain high quality textile materials

Once you have accustomed yourself with sewing and weaving coloured scraps of leather, then you could also choose to buy high quality materials and keep making your "experiments". Be that the case, in particular, is the right choice: our large catalogue has a very rich range of textures and materials to be used for a great variety of utilizations. We do ship our products very quickly, using express courier services like UPS and SDA, and allow our customers to pay with various methods (Paypal, credit card, bank transfers or cash on delivery). Finally, for all eventualities every day our after sale service is available. Our operators will be happy to assist you through all the stages of your purchase.

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