Nubuck Suede Leather Hides: Cleaning Tips

Published : 12/28/2016 22:00:58
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What is Nubuck suede leather?

Nubuck is a type of skin made with cow hides, characterized by a superficial treatment that confers it that particular velvet look. It is made, specifically, with the exterior part of the skin (grain side) and for this fact, usually, is quite strong and durable over time, although remaining, however, extremely delicate. Nubuck suede leather hides, so, must be cleaned following carefully important advice, in order to avoid creating irreparable damages and ruining it definitely.

Nubuck Suede Leather Hides: Cleaning Tips

The secret to clean it? Use only specific products

Because of its natural sensitivity, Nubuck suede leather must be treated and cleaned using just natural products studied for this purpose. For ordinary cleaning, in particular, we must use a specific cloth or a sponge, that will allow removing the lighter stains. It is however necessary to pay lots of attention when passing the cloth or sponge in all directions, so to clean the hair in all directions. If the dirt is stubborn, and we are compelled to impress a stronger force, it will be needed to wrap a sponge for Nubuck with a specific cloth for such kind of leather good.

Tips for wide surfaces and hard to clean stains

For items where a wider surface needs to be treated and/or cleaned, the ideal solution is to use specific spray solutions to be splashed on the item, and to proceed by rubbing carefully with a cloth for Nubuck. Once cleaning has ended, we shall wait that the leather is completely dry and, with the help of a special cloth brush for napping, raising the hair in all directions. In order to get rid of possible grease stains, finally, we shall use a degreaser for skins and a dry and clean cloth in order to absorb oil marks.

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