Ostrich skin leather sale: how to recognise the genuine one

Pubblicato 01/11/2017 22:28:35
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Ostrich leather sale

Let’s talk about one of the "queen of leathers", known and appreciated al lover the world, but for sure very expensive, since the number of ostriches in the world is rather limited because of the ever increasing demand for this type of leather. The law of supply and demand sets the prices and, in this case, keeps the bar high. Where can we find ostrich leather on sale? For sure on the most specialized websites. For the customer, the most difficult part comes when he/she needs to understand if he is buying products made of real ostrich skin leather or not. A first important point to assess for sure is its smell. Through the smell we can really start to recognize natural leather from synthetic one: hides, in fact, emit the typical odour of tanning or of greasing, however no odour that may recall to the mind plastic.

ostrich leather on saleMain features of ostrich skin leather

After having assessed that it is natural leather, we need to try to understand if it really is ostrich leather or just any bovine stamped leather. The first important features to assess are its defects: ostrich lives in the open and, even if its skin is quite strong, that animal produces wounds and abrasions that can be seen also on the finished product. Another important feature is its colour: when it is too homogenous, with no shadings, we are for sure in the presence of stamped leather, since nobody would cover such a high quality and expensive leather with a layer of glaze. The main features of ostrich leather are, however, the follicles and the small creases that do form around them, often in a rhomboid shape. When the follicles look markedly one similar to the other, the distance between them is quite uniform and the shape and look of the creases is constant al lover the leather surface, we are for sure in the presence of stamped leather: let’s always remember that animals, like men, are unique, with unrepeatable characteristics and not uniform.

A strong and expensive material

One last test in order to verify that leather is genuine consists in testing its strength, ostrich leather is very strong and if we scratch it with our nail and it would easily detach, we are for sure in the presence of a counterfeit. As we said, natural ostrich leather is expensive, so do not trust very cheap selling prices as it will either be genuine leather of very low quality or a counterfeit. Do not trust excessively cheap prices.

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