Rabbit (Lapin) Leather Panels: Sales And Cleaning

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Rabbit (Lapin) Leather Panels: Sales And Cleaning

Natural rabbit pelts, affordable to everyone

Gentle, shiny, easy to colour, very stylish. Natural rabbit pelts are perfect for many uses and enriches the outfit of a woman who likes to be trendy without losing her charm. Rabbit leather can embed an excellent combination “quality – price”, because it is very delightful to the eye and to the touch, but its cost is not excessive.


How to care for clothing and accessories made of rabbit leather

The sale of rabbit leather is sometimes difficult because of a prejudice: many do not know how to clean this type of leather and, thus discouraged, change their option to the purchase of another type. Surely rabbit leather cannot be washed at home with soft towels or natural cleansers: the "lapin", as defined by the French term, risks losing its shining hair and getting ruined to irreparable state. Before putting it aside into the closet for summer, any rabbit leather product, if free of stains or odours, can be gently wiped with a soft cloth. This will remove the dust and maintain the well-shiny coat up till the winter return.

Rabbit leathers cleaning: a task for professionals

The best solution, in case of stains or simply to refresh the product or the accessory, is to find a leather laundry specialized in fur cleaning. It is better to avoid the do - it - yourself methods which are easily found on the web or suggested by former operators of the sector. Bran, vinegar, water or soda water usage can damage the rabbit hair, make it yellow or bring a bad smell to it that is difficult to remove. It is also prohibited to spray perfume over your leather, even if it is brand flavours: the concentrate may bleach the hair of rabbit and create an undesirable and not-fading aura.