Saffiano Leather Hides Material: Main Features And Uses

Published : 08/24/2016 09:50:39
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What is Saffiano leather material?

Saffiano leather is a type of treated leather, which is characterized by its particular history: the term "saffiano", indeed, does not refer to the type of leather but to the process that calfskin undergoes. The calf leather, which is worked with an original and easily recognizable pattern can be described as "scratched". In fact, the Saffiano leather is a valuable material that is used for accessories of great value. The beauty and charm obtained through this treatment make leather suitable for luxury items and other accessories to show off on special occasions.

Saffiano Leather Material

Printed Cowhide: what are the characteristics of this skin?

The special features of saffiano leather regard both the style and the quality of the accessories made from this material. The first element that allows identifying saffiano leather is undoubtedly its weave, usually made up of many small lines crossed diagonally: this effect is obtained by impressing the pattern directly on the cowhide. Thanks to this particular technique, besides appearing aesthetically refined, saffiano leather is incredibly soft to the touch. A subsequent treatment with wax makes leather resistant to water, scratches and external agents that could ruin it.

How Saffiano leather is used?

The peculiarities of saffiano leather make this material particularly suitable for the design of high quality accessories: treated in this way, leather can ensure practicality and durability, without giving up the elegance of a refined material. Perfect for many different types of bags, saffiano leather is also used to create other leather goods, from wallets to mobile phones cases.

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