Snakeskin Leather Hides Sale: Genuine & Embossed Skins

Published : 02/25/2017 16:12:23
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Snakeskin Leather is really a timeless classic

Shoes and accessories made of snakeskin, we have seen them in movies of any kind, from westerns, to those Hollywood classic movies up to the most glamour and modern movies. Not just that, all the stylists in the world every year produce "exotic" collections, made of reptiles leather hides, amphibious and fishes of all kinds. Talking about snakes, for sure the most famous one is the python, followed by the anaconda, whips, ayers and karung. According to what part of the world we get our skins from, we can also locate cobras, vipers of all kinds etc. Trading exotic skins is surely governed all over the world; the Certificate of Origin must accompany all the skins through all the processing stages including the finished product.

Snakeskin Leather Hides Sale

Differences between the commercial cuts

Firstly, talking about snakeskin sale, the classification between Back Cut and Front Cut is very important.

The Back Cut (cut on the belly), preserves the back of the snake intact, although it is certainly the less common. It is used for land or water snakes, but also on lizards, iguanas, monitors lizards and on some fishes and mammals. It is not that common because it consists in cutting those characteristic large and sturdy scales located on the animal's belly in half, along their length. It allows the maximum appreciation of the beauty of the scales and the natural design on the animal's back.

The Front Cut (cut on the back), preserves intact the belly. It is very common particularly for pythons, because they have their characteristic main scale located in the middle, along the animal's length, which is in contact with the ground and allows the animal to crawl.

Differences between Embossed and Genuine Snake

The genuine Snakeskin is highly Priced, instead the embossed leather is cheaper and usually comes from calf leather. The second one is the most common kind you can find around.

Applications of snakeskin

Snakeskin adapts easily to every application, both for footwear and for leather goods, even if, almost all the times, the tendency is to create elegant items like shoes or high heeled boots, bags or purses with high quality accessories and high level wallets. The production of belts is a bit harder because, talking for instance about the main scale in the Front Cut, just one belt per skin will show it, not all the other ones. Online sale of snakeskin: a chance that has not to be missed for trying to produce something exclusive.

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